All You Need to Know About Dedicated Hardware

A dedicated hardware is kind of remote server which is dedicated to a person, company or application. It is installed, managed and hosted by cloud hosting service or a managed service provider.  The dedicated service is for one user only and is not shared with other customers, services or applications.

The dedicated hardware offers the same functionality an in-house server does but it is owned, managed and operated by the service provider. The user can remotely connect to the dedicated server through an internet connection and perform the server-based services.

Dedicated hardware can be used for hosting many applications and services including backup and data storage. The dedicated hardware is also used for hosting and providing specialized services for internal operations such as networking and implementing dedicated files.

A dedicated hardware is basically a server that is rented by a business or individual for exclusive use but hosted by the data center of a cloud or service provider. Common uses for dedicated hardware are:

  • Hosting high-traffic websites that contains many resources
  • Hosting a high-traffic application that contains many resources.

All maintenance work related to the dedicated hardware is usually borne by the hosting company and it includes:

  • Updating the operating system
  • Updating all installed applications
  • Monitoring the hardware and all applications
  • Maintaining the firewall
  • Detecting and preventing intrusions
  • Backing up data
  • Recovery from a disaster

The hosting company will also employ stringent security measures to keep their client’s data safe. They are paid on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis for the ‘renting’ of the dedicated hardware since it saves the money required for maintain and managing our own servers.

To put it simply the dedicated hardware provides the power required to bring systems to a scale as the business grows and continue to offer online services to increasing customers and manage large amounts of data. There is one disadvantage of using a dedicated hardware however, that it requires a lot of maintenance, money and technical knowledge. But the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and a dedicated server is a must for growing businesses.

Thriving companies often find themselves helpless in the IT side of the business. While shared hardware is an option, many opt for dedicated hardware to ensure they receive better stability, predictability and availability for their daily operations. All organizations feeling limited by a shared environment should seriously consider upgrading their hardware to prevent any losses.

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